The Journey of PRESENTE! Hic et Nunc

from the initial idea to the final production

The Journey of PRESENTE! Hic et Nunc

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the production of the Project Show/Fundraising Auction PRESENTE! Hic et Nunc (October 2022 to September 2023).
When the first ideas came to mind last October, the need to do something, as the Latin phrase Hic et Nunc (here and now) aptly summarizes, was clear and strong. It's not possible to stand by and remain indifferent to what is happening around us. So, I communicated to my siblings my intention to stage a show to celebrate the 165th anniversary of the biscuit factory in memory of our father Paolo Pandolfini. We have been fortunate, and we are grateful to our parents, our grandfather Ernesto, and all those who came before us. This project was a way to commemorate them and reflect on memories, on what they have left us, but also an opportunity to do something for others. Subsequently, I began to contact and meet up with people who could help me bring it to fruition.

The Journey of PRESENTE! Hic et Nunc

Tommaso Santi

He was the first person I called (October 2022) about the "vision" I had for this show/performance. Since he had already written the script for the biscuit factory dedicated to our grandfather, "IL SOGNO di ERNESTO," the first chapter of our story, I asked him if he could write this one too. Unfortunately... burdened by commitments, he replied that he was available and would lend a hand, but I had to write it myself. His advice and guidance were invaluable. Thank you infinitely, Maestro!

Maurizio Daneri, Lawyer

The second person I contacted to ask if it was possible to safeguard the idea until it was completed was a dear friend and lawyer. He drafted a confidentiality agreement that I had everyone involved and/or whom I asked to collaborate sign: consultants of all kinds, artists, technicians, friends, city authorities, even my siblings.

Françoise Parlanti, Performer and Dancer

She was the first artist I met, and she became more enthusiastic about the project as it took shape and COLOUR. Those who have seen the show will understand, and if you look at the photos, you will understand too! Francoise interpreted COLOUR in all its forms, powder, and liquid. 

The Journey of PRESENTE! Hic et Nunc

Neri Pierozzi, Artist, Performer, and Art Teacher of Associazione Culturale Amaltea

He literally lit up the first time I explained the project to him, and with passion, he shared his more than a decade of experience in studying colour. The training he did with Francoise to immerse her in colour and "become" colour was beautiful and exciting! Each colour was expressed both from a physical and substantial point of view: from the earth element (powder pigment) carried with heavier and slower movements, it became water (liquid pigment), then air, before returning to the earth in the next colour, expressing the fundamental principle: the cycle of life in its manifestation of birth, death, and rebirth, a concept also expressed in the script.

Laura Innocenti e Giacomo Calistri, Videomakers (Alkemia Film)

We met on November 25, 2022, to discuss the possibility of creating a promotional teaser and filming the show in September. They also embraced the project with great enthusiasm. The video/teaser they created is tangible evidence of their sensibility and refined expertise. Well done!

Sam Bertoldi /Sadi Composer e Arranger

Already a collaborator for Sogno di Ernesto, this time he handled the music with sensibility and great artistic ability, working on the suggestions of colours. He also worked with me on all the editing of the recorded voices, and I must acknowledge his great patience! Thanks also to the mastering work of CLAUDIO MACCHIA, who hosted us in his studio for the instrumental recording: Carlotta Vettori on flute, Erica Scherl on violin, Claire Savignien on harp, and SADI on percussion.

The Journey of PRESENTE! Hic et Nunc

Marco Badiani

A dear friend I met in January 2023, when I told him about the project and how I needed a space for rehearsals, he offered a room of his entirely for free. It became our operational base for several days. I tried to repay him in some way, but he only accepted biscuits in exchange for his kindness! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, on behalf of both me and the biscuit factory. Without you, all of this would have been difficult to come true! 

Fabio Mascagni, Actor

A friend and former performer of Ernesto in the theatrical visit staged in Mattei biscuit factory’s laboratory, a show created in 2018 to celebrate the 160th anniversary of the Mattei biscuit factory and the 200th birthday of Antonio Mattei, the founder. He was entrusted with coordinating the spoken part (off-stage voices) and this time played the role of Paolo Pandolfini. He was excellent and his help was invaluable. Thank you!

Annamaria Guerrini, Actress and Friend

Already a performer of ZIA ITALIA in "IL SOGNO di ERNESTO" (Biscottificio 2018), it was natural to ask her for advice and potential availability to perform one of the main characters. This time, Annamaria lent her voice to Maria Laura (our mother) and she also got parts of the family involved for some supporting voices! I sincerely thank everyone!

The Municipality

I turned to Deputy Mayor Simone Faggi to seek advice on the associations I could involve. He welcomed the project with genuine enthusiasm. I sincerely thank him on behalf of my siblings and the Mattei biscuit factory, for gaining the Municipality's support. I also thank the helpful and kind council member Mangani, who helped me find a space for the show. (P.S. I also had them sign the confidentiality agreement).

Francesca Volkhart, Notaio

Francesca Volkhart happily recorded part of our father Paolo Pandolfini's imaginary will. The notary's voice is truly believable! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

The Journey of PRESENTE! Hic et Nunc

Luigi Banci, Former owner of Pontetorto Company

A great friend who provided the fabric for the rehearsals, and we needed a lot of it! 15 metres for each colour and each rehearsal! Indispensable help!

Quadrifoglio Pitture

When I entered this shop in Piazza Ciardi in Prato for the first time to ask about colours, I was struck by their competence, professionalism, and kindness. Thank you to everyone.


in the form of Fiorella, not only friend and advisor, but also supporter! As a matter of fact, when I asked her for a quote for the material that needed to be printed, she offered to provide it free of charge, a sincere thank you.

Elena Duranti

I thank Elena, who was one of the first supporters of the project and participated as a spectator in the general colour rehearsal. Even if I informed her about everything at the last minute, she was always by my side while I exposed my doubts and concerns.


Our customer but also a supporter of this project, provided the fabric for the show. Essential support for the performance and the completion of the project! Sincere thanks.

Serena Montecchi

Dearest friend, right from the start, in harmony with the essence of this project. I asked her to participate in the auction on my behalf, as I was busy being the assistant. I absolutely wanted to purchase one of the first canvases on the opening night. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

The Journey of PRESENTE! Hic et Nunc

Le Associazioni

Il progetto è nato dalla necessità di fare qualcosa Hic et Nunc! La destinazione dei fondi raccolti andranno a tre associazioni, una che lavora a livello Locale, GIORGIO LA PIRA, una Regionale, ASSOCIAZIONE TUMORI TOSCANA, un’altra che opera a livello internazionale COMITATO PRO EMERGENZE PRATO.

The audience

In complete darkness, the audience was invited to be PRESENT in listening to intimate memories, simple family anecdotes, sounds, noises, collective memories of the PAST, a contradiction that aimed to challenge/disconcert the audience, also because they were in a theatre without visible actors. The audience was invited to experience, to experiment: in the DARKNESS, the space dedicated to reflection, remembrance, but also listening to oneself, one's emotions; in the LIGHT, the time to observe the manifestation of colours in various consistencies: dense and heavy, rarified in the air in spirals, very light, and then splashed in the final creation of a symbolic work of art (Each Life is like that). I was genuinely worried about the audience's response, and yet... all the evenings were sold out, and it was exciting to see the participation of all the spectators, the emotion, and the beautiful energy that came from the initiative. It confirms that TOGETHER we can do something good and beautiful for our community and beyond!

Cecilia Farsetti

So, a big THANK YOU for being PRESENT! CECILIA FARSETTI The show was initiated as a PERFORMANCE AUCTION FUNDRAISER, and the auction was an integral part of the show itself, and it also took place on stage. But, to conduct an Auction, I thought, we need an AUCTIONEER. Contacting Cecilia Farsetti was one of the first thoughts I had in January. So, I made an appointment, and we met. I won't hide the great fear I had, but I had already put my mind at ease. However, with all the enthusiasm possible, I presented the project to her, and Cecilia welcomed it with the same enthusiasm! She was the key player in the final part of the project, and I must say, her performance was magnificent! Thanks also to her and the entire Farsetti family from the bottom of my heart.

The buyers

In the second part of the show, the audience was invited to be PRESENT and participate in the auction. There was great participation, and all the pieces obtained from cutting the canvas were auctioned off each night.

The Journey of PRESENTE! Hic et Nunc

Our Blue Bags

Antonio Mattei's Prato biscuit recipe is an alchemy, just like the blue fire (final performance) that each of us contributes to fuel in some way. The blue of our bags is a symbol. In the original plan, at the end of the show, all those who had purchased a piece of canvas would have been invited to leave their blue imprint on the artwork they had won the bid for. That blue imprint would have had a symbolic value, representing their trace, their contribution to writing this story, leaving a tangible mark of their memory. Unfortunately, due to technical issues, this was only possible on the last evening. And on this note I would also like to thank all the TECHNICIANS AT THE TEATRO METASTASIO for their collaboration and patience. Because we really made things colorful! And the theatre staff who took turns staying late to clean! 

Our Mother Maria Laura, who has always been a great example for us and the heart and soul of our home. We thank her for passing down to us a wealth of family recipes, both Neapolitan and Pratese, and perhaps even the warmest and most sincere parts of us! Our eternal gratitude goes to her!

To the ENTIRE BISCUIT FACTORY STAFF, both PRESENT and PAST To DAD (Paolo Pandolfini), who allowed us to be here! To all the close and distant relatives To all our friends And above all, to MY SIBLINGS A sincere and heartfelt Thank you!

Letizia Pandolfini