Unione Imprese Centenarie Italiane

The "Unione Imprese Centenarie Italiane", founded in Florence in 2000, brings together the best "Made in Italy" enterprises with at least 100 years of continuous productivity and ethical work.

It means joining an association of "Centenarian Companies" transmitting old and new knowledge.

Antonio Mattei is one of the Italian companies that have been operating on the market for at least a hundred years, every day telling their story and at the same time looking to the future as a "constant and daily challenge".

Being part of a network such as UICI is not only an added value but also recognition for an entrepreneurship inspired by ethical behavior.

The company's strong attention towards the local community is a synonym of pride and exchange with the entire cultural world: recognizing our roots helps to shape future actions, to determine the moves to be made in the universe of innovation that awaits us.