PRESENTE! Hic et Nunc Fundraising Auction Show

"PRESENTE! Hic et Nunc" is coming to Teatro Fabbricone on 28th, 29th and 30th September. Promoted by the Mattei Biscuit Factory with support from the Municipality of Prato, it is a show in memory of Paolo Pandolfini, father to the siblings Francesco, Marcella, Elisabetta and Letizia, the current owners of the historic Antonio Mattei biscuit factory in Prato, also known as the "Forno Mattonella" (Mattonella bakery).

The show delves into the theme of the present in its double etymological meaning: on the one hand, the present as what is currently happening right now; on the other the present meaning a gift, offer, or donation.

PRESENTE! Hic et Nunc is the continuation of a story that began 165 years ago, which is not just a matter of archival documents or historical memory, but also a reflection on the PRESENT time that we live HERE AND NOW.

Colours, music, gestures, elements have been relied upon because they are universal languages that are comprehensible by everybody; it is an invitation to use our senses consciously, paying attention to the essentials.

PRESENTE! Hic et Nunc alternates between moments of DARKNESS and LIGHT.
The darkness gives room to storytelling, memories, background noises and voices, which tell anecdotes of simple family life, intimate moments experienced, voices that emerge from a recent, distant, and ancient past.
Please note that there won't be any actors on stage.
In the light, Red, Blue and Yellow take centre stage. Colours in their various shades and manifestations (in powder, dense and liquid forms) are interpreted by Fran├žoise Parlanti (performer and choreographer) and directed by Neri Pierozzi drawing from his important study on colour.
The music, curated by Sam Barreto Cardoso Bertoldi, is composed and arranged specifically for the colours and the elements, enriching the overall experience.
The blue/indigo colour, which has always been the distinguishable colour of the Antonio Mattei Biscuit Factory bags, symbolises the overall performance.

written and directed by
Letizia Pandolfini

performance and choreography
Fran├žoise Parlanti

artistic co-direction, choreographic support and study on colour
Neri Pierozzi

music and sound arrangements
Sam Barreto Cardoso Bertoldi
with the collaboration of audio mastering
Claudio Macchia

voice co-ordination and interpretation
Fabio Mascagni

costume making
Il mondo di Sabrina
Annamaria Clemente

stage set-up co-ordinator
Francesco Bacci

The event includes a Fundraising Auction, which is an integral part of the show, and will be conducted by Cecilia Farsetti from the Farsetti auction house.
Thursday 28th September the proceeds will be collected for Associazione Tumori Toscana.
Friday 29 September the proceeds will be collected for Mensa Giorgio La Pira.
Saturday 30 September the proceeds will be collected for the Pro Emergenze Prato Onlus.

Watch the teaser

Special thanks to

Municipality of Prato, Aste Farsetti, Marco and Giacomo Badiani, Tommaso Santi, Manteco, Luigi Banci, Eliograf, Quadrifoglio pitture, Amaltea APS, D-Metal srl, Elena Duranti, Maria Antonietta Gulino, Elena Valzania, Marianne Costa, Serena Montecchi, Massimo Rosati, Denise Pescini, Luigi Neri, Mario Mazzoni (Mamanuri), Maurizio Daneri.

Voices (in alphabetical order): Ada Maria Achilli, Caterina and Filippo Caluzzi, Valentina Cipriani, Annamaria Guerrini, Lorenza Guerrini, Francesco Landi, Jacopo Mammoli, Massimo and Maria Giulia Meoni, Nora Olivero, Francesca and Andrea Petruccio, Maria and Marco Rotondo, Biancamaria and Renzo Scatizzi, Anna Vannini, Francesca Volkhart.
But also: Francesco, Marcella, Elisabetta, Pablo, Marco, Maria, Giorgio Pandolfini and of course, Maria Laura Novelli Pandolfini and all the staff at the Antonio Mattei Biscuit Factory.